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Dr. Vaibhav Singhal

Head, Institute Works Department (IWD) iwd_head 8198 View Profile

Dr. Sudhir Varma

Associate Head, Institute Works Department (IWD) svarma 8705 View Profile

Dr. Trishikhi Raychoudhury

Prof. Incharge


pic_wtp 8179 View Profile

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jha

Executive Engineer (Civil)
Academic Zone
skjha 8059

Mr. Devanand Jha

Executive Engineer (Civil)
Residential Zone
dnjha 8005

Mr. Anil Verma

Executive Engineer (Electrical) anilverma 8718

Mr. Praveen Kumar

Assistant Engineer (Electrical) praveen 8710

Mr. Firoz Alam

Assistant Engineer (Electrical)
Academic Zone

firoz 8100

Mr. Kanahiya Prasad

Assistant Engineer (Civil) kanhaiya 8719

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar

Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Academic Zone
ashutosh.k6 8011

Mr. Manish Kumar

Assistant Engineer (Civil)
Residential Zone
mkumar 8149

Mr. Samiran Maji

Junior Engineer (Civil)
Residential Zone

samiran 8008

Mr. Biswajit Som

Junior Engineer (Electrical)
Residential Zone

sombiswajit 8674